Have you ever wondered if there’s another way to reduce inflammation, chronic symptoms and improve health naturally? This question is what gave birth to our company, ActaTea. We are proudly a family owned company that specializes in creating all natural, organic teas and products that are alternatives to drugs/medicine.

We’ve had our own share of health challenges- chronic constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, eczema.  Our desire to find natural ways to reduce inflammation, remove toxins and improve health led us to start blending our own high quality all natural teas and developing natural products. 

                                                   Our Process

We always start with identifying a problem and trying to solve it.  We research teas, herbs and natural ingredients that can help solve this problem. For herbs that we don’t grow, we carefully source them from high quality farmers who understand the importance of quality like we do. 

We blend, taste and try until we formulate some of the most effective and unique naturally flavored teas and natural products.

                                               Our Promise to You

  1. To provide premium quality, authentic, all natural products that help you live a healthier and happier life at a fair value.
  2. To continue to improve our quality, and innovate on new delicious, healthy blends
  3. To stand by our products and honor our customers. If you don't have a good experience, just let us know and we'll make it right.